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14th June 2017
​Should Photography and Nystagmus mix?
Having Nystagmus makes every day life a little demanding, the fact that I cannot always focus on things, I have really bad facial recognition also I can not judge distance or depth. These things do not help at all. If my eyes are tired or strained I can end up with a migraine and even dizziness.
My poor sight mean I cannot drive (I can’t see a car number plate at 25 yards, never mind read it). So using public transport and lifts from family and friends is my only way of getting out and about with my camera.

Consultants and Doctors try to help but Nystagmus cannot be cured, glasses cannot fix my vision, they only magnify things a little. Like many others with a disability, from an early age I hid just how difficult things were. Schooling and socializing were hard, as I couldn’t explain what I have. I have since found out that Nystagmus can affect different people in different ways but they do share a lot of common elements. My working life was the same, no point in explaining things, as it’s embarrassing. That’s what I used to think anyway.
But enough of the doom and gloom, this blog is about my photography. Being a photographer was on the list of jobs that I would never be able to do, along with airline pilot, bus driver and astronaut but to name a few.