07th September 2017
The Nystagmus Focus article dated 10th April was something I can relate too.
Tiredness and fatigue due to having Nystagmus affects me most days.
In the past when working in an office, most of my day was spent working on a computer. I was ok in the mornings but by the afternoon I could feel my eyes getting worse. Some days it became difficult to focus on anything and most days ended up with a bad headache.
My doctor referred me to the Eye Hospital and after trying a few different things they decided to operate. The operation was to reduce my eye wobble, hoping this would improve things.

It didn’t but it was worth a try. I am still under the hospital, not sure if they will ever be able to improve things.
As a photographer I need to use my computer to edit my images. I have found the best way is to work for 30 minutes then rest my eyes & find other things to do. I doubt very much that an employer would ever put up with this in an office.
Resting your eyes does not totally stop the tiredness and fatigue but it helps a lot. I guess my advise would be - Find out the amount of time you can spend concentrating on focusing on the computer. Then try to stick to it, remember the more tired you are the less time you will be able to concentrate.
As soon as your eyes feel tired, stop. Don’t push your eyes, you wont get new ones.
The bigger the display screen the better, I find the IMac very good.
Its worth remembering not to get annoyed with people that don’t understand your issues, it must be difficult for a fully sighted person to understand about the extra effort someone with Nystagmus has to put in just to see badly. That includes some doctors.
For my editing I use Lightroom and Photoshop, I prefer Lightroom and I would say over 90% of my pictures have been edited in Lightroom only.

This images was edited using just Lightroom.
​I can not edit an image in one session , it can take a few. I have got to keep resting my eyes. But if I get the results I want, its worth it.