My Nystagmus and Photography

31st July 2017
My Nystagmus and Photography – Going back to last November my wife Julie came home with some leaflets from a charity called Action for the blind. Julie had told them that I have Nystagmus and that I had been made redundant. Nystagmus is one of the eye conditions that Action for the blind advise/help with or at least do their best. Consultants and Doctor don’t fully understand the condition but a lot of research is being done. The charity contacted me and arranged for a meeting at their Eccles office.
Got to say when I went for the meeting I found them to be very nice and helpful. It was obvious that I wasn’t the first person with Nystagmus that they had seen.
Action for the blind work with RNIB, they advise and help people with visual problem find work and advise on what help you should be getting. I am sure they do more but these were the main things we discussed.
They told me `I should be getting PIP (the old DLA) and should have done for years, I knew this but always provided for myself – they were not impressed with that.
They suggested I use a symbol cane when my eyes get tired; this would help others be more understanding if I bump into them. The visual aids man at the Eye Hospital suggested this about 3 years ago; it was a no then and now.
Moving on – I went on a day out to Blackpool with a group of photographers. The week leading up to the day out I changed my mind decided to get the symbol cane just in case. After all it folds up and will fit in your pocket, so I had a white stick when I went to get a stick of rock.

Got a couple of good shots in Blackpool and had a great day out with some great people.