Moving On from March 2017

05th September 2017
A big thank you too those that read my last blog. I have been asked some questions about the blog, this is really good, I love being asked about my condition and my photography.
I have been asked that why was it , when I was finding it difficult due to my eyes being tired whilst applying for a job on line. I tried to look at the screen at different angles by tilting my head.
This is all to do with the null point. In medical terms – null point, which represents the direction of gaze at which the nystagmus has the smallest amplitude. This means that sometime have to move/tilt my head so I can focus on something. If I am trying to read something on a monitor and I can not focus I will make the text larger and I find that I am tilting my head at different angles to try and help.
I have also been asked 2 questions about my photography and how I work, one of which relates to not always being able to see through the viewfinder on a camera.
This is one of the issues I have, especially when taking photographs at night.
I find that if I can not see through the viewfinder I switch to live view mode ( most cameras have live view – it allows you to view the scene in real time on the cameras LCD screen).
However I can not see what the camera setting are when I am in live mode, they are displayed on the screen but more often than not I can not see them.
I get around this by taking the photo, review the picture, zoom in making sure I look at all parts of it. Then I can decide what I want to change. I then turn off live view mode and review the camera settings on the LCD screen, the information is now on a black background so can focus on it without any distraction.
I then amend the settings, back to live view and retake the picture. It does take longer but you get it in the end.

Working as a photographer.

I have now started selling my photographic prints on markets. I have chosen to have stalls on The Makers Markets in Manchester's Northern Quarter and Spinningfields area. There are markets nearer to home but I like the ethos of The Makers Market, the traders sell goods that they have made/produced themselves. It’s all very good quality and every time I have been the whole market has a good vibe.
I have also started at my local Middleton Craft and Food market once a month.

Working Hard

As I can not see well enough to drive, I have to use public transport. I get a bus into Manchester, then walk across the city center with my stock and display fittings