The Eyes have it.

I intend to try and upload a new blog every 2 weeks  (please note the word try).

Also I intend to have some videos to accompany the blogs soon.

 Anyway the last few weeks have been full on, as well as my usual markets I have got a new web host. I am now using Squarespace, I like the templates and the site doesn’t feel like a purely selling site. 

A lot of photographing has been done, some for an exhibition and some for personal projects. Best of all a few days out with my family and a couple of days out with some good friends that have the same love for photography and coffee.


What is not so good is at my 6-month check up at the eye hospital; they referred me to a Neurologist. 

At the appointment they wired my head and strained my eyes to get various readings. I felt like I was having an audition for the next X-Men film when they wired my head. The thing is I know they are doing it for my benefit and I must say the NHS is brilliant and they are trying to reduce my issues. 

It was suggested that photography might not be the ideal profession because of the concentration needed will put a strain on my eyes


Truth is even if I was to win millions, I would still take photographs, but I would have more lenses and maybe employ someone to carry them.