Hello my name is Dave, a self taught photographer based in Manchester UK. All of the images on this website were taken by myself, over the past few years.
I enjoy photographing places and people I also enjoy being creative to find where the image takes me.
I am married to Julie, she frequently accompanies me on days out shooting Landscapes and Cityscapes. We have two grown up boys.

At the end of 2016, after 20 years in the financial industry I was made redundant. I decided not to go back to a 9-5-office job; instead I would take the risk of turning my then photography hobby into my career.

Due to an eye condition called Nystagmus my vision is severely restricted. This means that every photo I have taken and edited has taken me a lot of time, effort, energy and love. Over time I have developed my own unique style.

I love every aspect of my job; it's great getting out and losing myself in the moment.
I also love talking about my work, it’s a real compliment when receiving positive feedback on my photos. So selling my work on my market stall is very enjoyable and I feel humbled that in the current economic environment people spend their hard earned money on my photography.